What is the recycled fiber content of your papers?
Where do you get cotton?
Why don`t you use colored cotton? What difference in both?
How thick & thin is your paper?
How much paper can you produce, and how long does it take?
What is the size of handmade paper?
How can i give intimation about color for my order?
What is your arrangements for seeds to produce seeds paper?
What are the planting instructions for your seeds papers?
What types of seeds work best for which projects?
How does your paper compare to commercially-made seeded papers?
What kinds of printing can be done on your paper?
Can I print on your papers at home on my inkjet or laser printer?
What is your order ship time for color paper?
How do I place my order?
What is your order ship time for white paper?
What is your minimum order quantity?
Can I get a printing proof?
What are my payment options?
How will my order be shipped?
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